About Matt

Are you interested in figuring out how to build a lifestyle business that pays you for doing what you love?

I’m Matt and I’ve worked as a data analyst, writer, counselor, and business owner for a total of 20 years. Since the start of my career I’ve been fascinated by technology and passionate about helping people use modern technology to hack their work and their lives.

In this blog, I write about a bunch of stuff that you might find interesting: code, FPV drones, Intermittent Fasting, making websites and even UFOs. Sometimes I write about lifestyle business and how you can add one of these to help you get more independent from depending on your 9-5 just to pay bills. But I also talk about lifestyle in general and things that you can experiment with. Mainly though, this blog is a place to write, create, and sometimes chat. Sometimes I will stay on topic but sometimes I’m just venting here or trying out new content. After all, this is a personal blog so that’s what I’m doing here.


Code is the language of technology. Code is what you use to move from being a consumer to a creator and when you learn to code you gain control of technology instead of the other way around.

You will find that learning to code is essential to working with data. But, it’s more than what you need to master data analysis. Coding is a way to create and solve all kinds of problems.

Have you ever wanted to build a video game, develop a new kind of website, or build an iPhone app? Learning to code is the golden ticket that unlocks those powerups.

Check out the code category to see what I have on coding so far. You will notice that coding and data science appear together often. But, I also plan on writing a little bit more on web and app development soon as well.

Lifestyle Business

At the ten year mark in my career, I became fascinated by the idea of building my own type of business. In 2008, I started a six-year journey when I left a great job to build iPhone apps. This proved to be an amazing, and sometimes very tough, journey where I learned about Internet Marketing, iOS programming, software development, Silicon Valley entrepreneurship.

After my first business ran its course, I continued to be obsessed with lifestyle business. These are businesses that exist to support your lifestyle. Sometimes this means that you are working on something that you are personally passionate about. For example, someone who always wanted to be rock star might give music lessons on the side. Or maybe you are an aspiring author who sells ebooks on Amazon.

Sometimes lifestyle businesses can be very simple, such as an amataur photographer who takes on freelance jobs to pay for cool new equipment. The reason I’m so interested in lifestyle business is because I want what I do to help people gain more personal freedom.

It’s liberating to be able to write your own checks. Even if you are working in a regular 9-5 job, the knowledge that you have the skills to go out and do consulting work or have a side-hustle in place that you can rev up to replace income is very freeing. And you may need to replace your income one day, trust me downsizing happens. I know from personal experience.

That is personal freedom, being confident in your finances and ability to make your own way in the world regardless of what your boss thinks. It’s a journey though, but what a trip! There is nothing quite like building something of value from the ground up that people love.

Check out the lifestyle business category to see what I’ve put together to help you explore and even step up your own lifestyle business.