I'm Matt and this is my portfolio.

I'm interested in web design.

Over the years, I've spend most of my time working on data science projects: creating data pipelines, working with SQL databases, creating data dashboards, and using technology to get insights into business and research. Most of the time I've worked in the education industry as a data analyst, but I've also worked on mobile apps, taught coding boot camps, and published tech books.

I've always been most interested in creating apps like interactive data visualizations, iPhone utilities, and web sites. Lately I've been working on refreshing my web design skills since I've become a little rusty.

What I'm doing now is reading up on web design (things like choosing colors and fonts and creating good functional layouts). I'm also applying what I learned in freeCodeCamp to a web version of my flagship app winenote.

Web Design Training

I'm using freeCodeCamp to dial in the coding skills I need to create experiences on the web. My focus right now is on the front end so I'm reviewing HTML and CSS and working on getting more experience with JavaScript To that end, I've completed these three certifications in addition to my own research:

JavaScript will be the seventh (maybe eighth?) programming language I've learned so I'm not anticipating having too much trouble with that. What I am more concerned about is learning the best patterns and practices used today to make web based apps. I'm also very focused on learning how to really add good graphic design to my work. To that end, I'm research basic design topics like layout, fonts, color choices, and usability.


I have 20 years of experience in Higher Education as a data science analyst working on data pipelines, data visualization, and data dashboards. In addition to data science roles, I've worked on mobile apps and teaching iOS bootcamps.

I'm also a published author with five published books on iOS app development and R programming.

While I was at Penn State, I earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology (Research Methods and Computer Science emphasis) and later I completed a master's degree in Information Systems Management.

In my free time I like to cook with the family and fly FPV racing drones.