Why Not Make DIY Websites?

August 9, 2016

Most people use WordPress or something like it to build their website. It's easy and free. Most web hosts provide a wizard that will make your website for your in 5 minutes. But, I hate that approach and rather do it all myself like it's 1995. Here's why…

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Startup Nightmares

August 5, 2016

Not many podcasts send chills down my spine. This one did, here's why… Continue Reading

So, Now What?

June 27, 2016

Ok, so I built the simplest website that I could to tell App Shop's Story. The story is pretty much online, but what do I do now? Continue Reading

The Analysis

Some businesses fail and some become too big to fail. Each business has it's own path. I analyzed App Shop LLC in the hopes that I could fully understand what happened. This analysis took a long time. Years. And this article has been revised countless times. What I eventually found out about myself and my business astonished even me. Continue Reading

The Entrepreneurial Seizure

On March 6, 2008 Steve Jobs announced the App Store, a platform where developers could sell software directly to customers without worrying about maintaining a distribution platform. For the many geeks like me who were obsessed with the iPhone, this news was electrifying.

That year, masses of geeks would drop their day jobs to become indy app developers. Many would fail, some would get rich and a few would change the world. Continue Reading

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