Here's What's Going On The Past Few Weeks…

Today I sort of pre-published an blog post for this upcoming Monday titled So, Now What? where I start to talk about what this website is shaping up into.

Last week, I finished up the About Page where I introduce the story of App Shop and why I think it's interesting for you.

Also, I restructured this website to accommodate a real old-fashioned blog. I wanted a place for writing that was more inside-baseball. While I know that long form articles and guides are better for many reasons, both for business and more my own mental health, I realize that I have a personal need for a log were I simply vent or just don't require the same level of polish as an article or guide.

Finally, I reached out to my former mastermind-in-chief Tim Murphy of Renegade Dad to see about restarting our mastermind meetings.

How's your week going?

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