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    How to Get a Data Analyst Job

    Data Analysts use data to answer questions about the state of an organization’s business. Since data is stored in computer systems, a Data Analyst needs to be comfortable with technology. Data Analysts investigate data problems and be able to communicate their findings. Sound like a good job? Read on to learn how to get a data analyst job. This is a good job for people who are Investigative on the Holland Scale. If you are a problem solver and like to think things through then this may be the job for you. My Holland Code is ISE (Investigative, Social, Enterprising) and I have found data analysis to be a good…

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    Basic SQL Notes

    Here are my notes on SQL. This Notes series is meant to be light on narrative but heavy on code samples that you can copy and paste. At some point, if there is demand I will provide posts that explain what is actually happening. Datasets are located here https://data.world/mattjcamp/wiche-enrollment-projections and you can follow along right in the Data World web app. This project has two data tables: wiche_graduate_projections.csv and state_table.csv. Select All Columns From Table Essentially the simplest SQL query that you can write that returns records from a table. Join Two Tables Use JOIN or INNER JOIN to combine two tables when you only want records that appear in…

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    Local Covid-19 Dashboard

    When I need a Data Science tool beyond vanilla SQL I usually reach for RStudio. There is no denying that R is fast and painless for doing statistical analysis, but it’s quirky and falls far out of the norms of coding and that’s always bugged me. So I’ve been debating making a switch. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with Python programming. Python is a very popular general-purpose programming language that is used in Data Science, but it’s also used to make apps, websites, and services. I’m particularly interested in using this language along with AWS services to publish small web APIs and things like that. But, I need to learn the…

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    The Week I Hit My Breaking Point on Covid-19

    This week a video was circulating through social media showing a group of doctors, dressed in lab coats, and standing in front of the Supreme Court. They were having what seemed to be a press conference where they communicated their message which boiled down to “This virus has a cure, it’s called hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax. You don’t need to worry about Covid-19, there is a cure.” The group is called “America’s Frontline Doctors”. The people pictured are in fact doctors who practice medicine. None are epidemiologists or immunologists. On that same day, America’s Frontline Doctors met with Vice President Pence. President Trump himself tweeted the video which helped it…

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    Is It Really Time to Reopen?

    So here we are at the end of May 2020. Our town has been closed since mid-March in an attempt to save the hospital system from total collapse due to the Coronavirus pandemic. And now, today, we are starting to come under mounting pressure to “reopen” our local economy. It’s hard to know what to think about this issue and what information sources to believe. Many people are misinformed and even the most informed people don’t know enough about this pandemic. This issue has become political and the stakes are high for the current government and for our collective future. So I wanted to take this time to try to…

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    Linear Models in R

    Regression or linear models are used to show a relationship between two variables. Basically, you take data points for two variables and then you can attempt to create a mathematical model based on these data points. If you succeed, in the future you will be able to guess the value of one variable (the dependent variable) based on the value of another variable (the independent variable). This example from DataCamp shows how to use the lm (for linear model) function to build a linear model that can predict height based on weight. The data used is the bdims dataset which is summarized below: Fit Model To create the linear model,…

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    D3 Experiments

    D3 is a Javascript library used for data visualization. You can use this tool to make your webpage data driven. Essentially, you bind your data to components on your website including SVG elements. Here is code that will create a simple D3 bar chart based on an array of numbers. This will create a very simple bar graph using the numbers in the array to determine the height of the bar. In order for this visualization to be displayed on my webpage here, we need to have a div with an id of “plot” and we need to import the D3 library. So this is a very simple example that…

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    On Launching a New Website

    I already broke my own rule. A few weeks ago, I posted that I was going to focus 100% on re-developing my app development skills. I was totally into the idea of running a web version of my iOS app I wrote in 2008 off the WordPress REST API. But, life happens and I realize that my time away from the 9-5 is running out and I need to prioritize. I’ve learned a lot about web development over the past two months and in particular CSS and WordPress. So I want to get a  chance to put those skills into play while I have the chance. I also want to…

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    SSH Connection with Private Key

    Download private key (ends in .pem) Navigate to folder location where you stored the key Open terminal Set the key’s file permissions: chmod 600 [key_filename.pem] Use SSH command to log into your remote computer: ssh -i [key_filename.pem] [username]@[IP Address]