Here are the places where I go when I want to get more training, host new websites, and work on my business.

Professional Training

Professional training is a lifelong process. Here is where I go to keep my skills current.

Data Camp

Data Camp does such a great job of presenting the latest techniques of modern data analysis, data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers. You will literally code by doing in their code simulators and also get the highest quality video content that I have ever seen in a training program.

What I love about Data Camp is that they have career tracks for things as specific as SQL Server Data Analyst, R Programmer, Python Programmer, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist. They also have skills tracks if you just need to brush up on Python Programming, Tableau Data Visualization, or Data Mining.

This should be your first place to pivot to a data career or to get yourself to the next level in your current role.


Have you ever debated going to a one of those bootcamps to learn how to be a full stack web developer? Well, before you plop $15,000 down to do that check out freeCodeCamp instead.

These guys have put together an extensive interactive training program that is the same content that you would get in one of those code camps. They have very long programs in JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS and basically everything you need to be a web developer.

Most of my readers are working on data analysis but web development is a nice plan B skill to have, especially if like me you want to work on data visualization. freeCodeCamp includes a course on D3 and even machine learning so there is a lot here for analysts to leverage.

Oh yeah, this is a completely FREE program. I mean, it’s amazing and way way better than many paid trainings that I’ve used.

Check out freeCodeCamp

The Best Website Hosting

It’s a great idea to have a website to host your portfolio. This is a way to get more opportunities to work with better people or better paying jobs. If you are an independent contractor this is essential. Ideally, you will have a site my mine that you can control completely but at the very least make sure to at least have a GitHub profile with some active projects.

I’ve had an online presence since 2008 when I built out my iPhone app business. So I’ve hosted websites in all the typical places including GoDaddy, Google, Bluehost, AWS, and some providers that you haven’t even heard of but are super expensive. Some are better than others and some are just too damn expensive. Some are free and some come with site builders.

Needless to say, I know what I am looking for when it comes to hosting your website. For me, I want to use WordPress because it’s open source and have lots of history with SEO plugins. It’s very customizable. So I never liked those online site builder services.

What I use today and what is the best price to performance value web hosting is SiteGround. You can host a standard HTML based website or you can opt for a managed WooCommerce web store or WordPress site. SiteGround makes managing WordPress simple and secure. Adding SSL and optimizing your site performance is very straightforward.

Perhaps the best part of SiteGround is the developer friendly tools and settings. Finally and most importantly for me, SiteGround leverages cloud technology and you can scale up your site if you get more traffic in the future. Definitely check them out if you are looking to amp up your web presence.