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Web Writer for Hire

Web Writer for Hire

I built this website with the Genesis Passive Income theme. The purpose of Web Writer for Hire is to advertise a content marketing service that provides quality blog and social media content.

The design is based on Pat Flynn’s original Smart Passive Income website and it is optimized for a personal style of Internet Marketing.

This site includes a customized menu, built-in email forms, a newsletter, and sections for affiliate links.

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WICHE Tableau Data Visualization

This five worksheet visualization was created to help educational researchers at the College Board understand the demographic changes that impact schools. It contains information collected from schools in the past as well as projections of demographics into the future.

The tool used to create this visualization is called Tableau. Tableau is a drag and drop solution that can connect to big and small data-sources to make interactive data dashboards. This solution provides an amazing set of capabilities that can be accessed without writing any code at all.

This visualization is based on the WICHE publication and was built to look like an interactive version of the paper report that they distribute to educational research organizations.

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