On Launching a New Website

I already broke my own rule. A few weeks ago, I posted that I was going to focus 100% on re-developing my app development skills. I was totally into the idea of running a web version of my iOS app I wrote in 2008 off the WordPress REST API.

But, life happens and I realize that my time away from the 9-5 is running out and I need to prioritize. I’ve learned a lot about web development over the past two months and in particular CSS and WordPress. So I want to get a  chance to put those skills into play while I have the chance. I also want to put them into something that can become a solid side-hustle.

On that note, I’ve launched The Hobby Hackers. The Hobby Hackers is a new website that is running a custom WordPress theme written by me. I’ve hosted this at the domain

The idea behind the website is to help grow the hobby of FPV drones by providing clear written content that inspires and helps people get into this amazing hobby. For those of you know don’t know, FPV drones are these radio control aerial machines that you control remotely and provide you the real experience of flight through a set of virtual reality googles. It’s an intense hobby.

FPV drones are also hard to get into. The technology, while advanced in some ways, is very primitive compared to consumer tech that we are used to. The companies that make the parts are mostly tiny mom and pop type setups. Oh yes, and you have to build them yourself.

But, at any rate this is my hobby but I also feel that it is a good niche market to go into. With this website I can hone my web developer skills and also apply the digital marketing techniques that I mastered back in the 2008-2014 time period.

Like Tasting Notes, this website does had the capability to use the WordPress REST API so I will have free rein to practice my Javascript and also add some marketing elements that would be out of reach without some of these tech chops. Anyway, not a huge change of plans but I’m hoping one that is more fun and a bit more sustainable as I move forward on the job front.

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