Killer Data Science Training Sale

So real quick, anyone who knows me knows that I love love love Data Camp. This week, Data Camp is offering up to 62% off their year subscriptions. These are already a good deal but a total no-brainer at this price.

I recommend this to anyone who works in a data profession or who wants to pivot into a data profession like Data Science or Machine Learning.

I really love the format: very short but informative videos followed up by hands-on simulations. You really learn by doing AND you get the theoretical context so you understand how to do the analysis. They have skill tracks so you can just learn something like SQL or data exploration and they also have full professional tracks like Data Scientist with Python.

For me, I use this to keep current with my skills. Even though I’ve done data analysis and some form of coding for 20 years now things are constantly getting better and it’s way easy to keep track of all the advancements in data science using Data Camp.

Data Camp Has a Huge Sale This Week!

So, you have until Black Friday 2020 to sign up to Data Camp for the year to get the discount. Let me know what you think of the content and how it has helped you upgrade your career.

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