JavaScript Strings

var myName = "your name";

var sampleStr = "Alan said, \"Peter is learning JavaScript\".";

/* Other String Escape
Code	Output
\'	single quote
\"	double quote
\\	backslash
\n	newline
\r	carriage return
\t	tab
\b	word boundary
\f	form feed

// Concatenate
var ourStr = "I come first. " + "I come second.";

// Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals 
var ourStr = "I come first. ";
ourStr += "I come second.";

// Variables in strings
var ourName = "freeCodeCamp";
var ourStr = "Hello, our name is " + ourName + ", how are you?";

var anAdjective = "awesome!";
var ourStr = "freeCodeCamp is ";
ourStr += anAdjective;

console.log("Alan Peter".length);

// Bracket notation
var firstName = "Charles";
var firstLetter = firstName[0];

var firstName = "Ada";
var lastLetter = firstName[firstName.length - 1];

var firstName = "Augusta";
var thirdToLastLetter = firstName[firstName.length - 3];

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