Is Bob Lazar for Real?

I first learned about Bob Lazar last year when Netflix released a documentary titled Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. This documentary was kinda crazy, it was filmed with a dramatic voice-over reading from a bizarre script. But, the subject of the film, Bob Lazar, seemed somewhat credible. Lazar and his associates have also appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast.

For those of you who don’t know, Bob Lazar is a guy who claimed to work on reverse engineering alien technology for the government in 1989. His story was part of the reason that Area 51 became such an infamous spot in popular culture.

The thing about Bob’s story is that it is very simple and he hasn’t changed his story over the past 30 years. The story goes that he got a job working in a government facility in Nevada called S-4. Bob’s job was to help to reverse engineer an exotic gravity wave propulsion system that was recovered from a flying saucer.

During Bob’s training at S-4, he viewed briefings and documents that stated aliens were involved with humanity for the past 10,000 years. He also learned what star system the aliens were from and saw drawings of these aliens. He also claims to have seen either a prop or a real alien briefly through a narrow window.

When I saw this documentary last year, I was convinced that Lazar had to be part of some kind of government disinformation campaign or that he was some kind of psychopath that made everything up. I just could not wrap my head around this story. It doesn’t make any sense if the story is real, and it doesn’t make any sense if the story is false.

It always felt like we never really got the whole story on Lazar and if you look it up you will find that investigative reporters have had trouble verifying pieces of his story. Most notably, he claims to have master’s degrees from both MIT and Caltech. But, he cannot prove this and neither university can verify that he even attended their institutions.

Can I believe that one university may have lost his records. Yes. Do I believe that two universities lost his records and that Lazar didn’t keep any copies of his degrees? No way. Even if the government tried to “erase” him, I cannot believe that Lazar could not produce one piece of information to collaborate his story that we went to Caltech and MIT.

The next piece of Lazar’s background is murkier. Lazar claims to have worked in Los Alamos National Lab. When reporters contacted Los Alamos they denied that he worked there. However, a local reporter claims that we visited Los Alamos with Lazar and that everyone knew Lazar and they were able to roam the facility freely.

Furthermore, this report found a news report featuring Lazar and a jet car project that Lazar worked on that indicated that Lazar did work in Los Alamos; this same reporter found Lazar’s name in a Los Alamos phone book from that time.

You can’t deny that Lazar is a talented guy and that he is educated. He literally built a rocket-powered car and when he was a kid he built a rocket-powered bike. Years after the UFO notoriety he built his own business that supplies rare materials to scientific labs and he has produced professional-grade fireworks.

You can tell that Lazar is not a mainstream figure. Many of his activities push into gray areas and beyond. He occasionally finds himself in legal trouble.

So, do I believe that the private government contractor may have recruited someone like Lazar to take a crack at an exotic technology? Yes. I believe that it is possible, even if they knew that Lazar was eccentric and that his background was murky.

It’s certainly plausible, clearly, people work at these facilities and someone who has the skills to work on a rocket car could find something to do in a research facility. So, I believe he was probably there for a short time.

Now do I believe his story? Not fully. I think that there are lots of technology projects that he could have been exposed to that he could not explain but were not necessarily alien technology.

According to Lazar, in this training he was presented with documents that detailed human interactions with aliens for the past 10,000 years and that he was subjected to some kind of hypnosis training. What possible use could that be to the government if true?

Lazar also implies that information at this facility was highly compartmentalized and that he was responsible for working on a propulsion system. Other than keeping Lazar confused about the nature of the work, what possible purpose would they have when showing him reports on aliens?

Basically, my thoughts are that he probably did work on some type of exotic technology and that his bosses probably were required to hide the true nature of the project from him. He has an interesting story and I think there is something to it, even if it’s not exactly what Lazar thinks it is.

But Wait, there’s more!

So, this story somehow gets crazier after the New York Times published a story about government programs that are studying UFOs. The Pentagon has verified that military aircraft have been encountering unusual objects in the skies over San Diego and the East Coast.

This has been going on for years, and these craft operate exactly in the way Lazar describes.

What can we make of this. We now have official statements that the Department of Defense is investigating UFOs and that fighter pilots have been encountering these objects since 2003. This is verified by the government.

Of course, the DOD doesn’t offer any theories on what these craft are and they certainly don’t claim that they are extraterrestrial in origin. But, it’s one hell of a coincidence that the types of ships that Lazar has alleged for 30 years are now showing up in the mainstream media and validated by the US government.

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