Quick Thoughts

I’m flying today and now with the Fall season on us, I’m planning on getting out more. Last week I flew an old spot and managed to get this video shot, check that out that flight here.

I’ve been writing a bit more lately and I’m really trying to get into the habit of daily writing. What I’ve been most interested in lately is this idea of how to fit the reality of work into your life while still being an independent person.

Far too often, I think that we let ourselves get mentally dominated by jobs that we hate and work that we do not value. Sometimes we have no choice and sometimes we wouldn’t know what a better option would even look like.

So today, I wrote about solving one small piece of this puzzle: how do you know what kind of work you are best suited for? If you are in a good place mentally at work or in your business I think that goes a long way freeing you up mentally so that you can live your best life. The article is about the Holland Codes and how they can help you. Check it out!

I’ve been experimenting with Python lately because I want to really master a simple general-purpose language that I can use for most things. Generally, what I do is Data Science type work so Python is perfect for that. But, I also like that I can more easily use Python in AWS applications. I used to use R mainly but outside of purely data work, R is kinda useless. The place where I work now we actually just use SQL 100% of the time, but occasionally I need to test something that requires more analytical tools. I always reach for R Studio in those situations, but I would like to get to a point where I’m comfortable enough with Python that I can use that in a pinch.

Ugggg, so the idea of “Personal Mission Statements” or “Purpose” in your work or business has always made me gag. But, the truth is that when you are trying to push through projects without any North Stars you are just not as likely to succeed or feel satisfied with what you are doing. So I started to do some reflect work on this. I got a good start, but I will probably need some work. In the meantime, I wrote a long blog post about the process I started to go through.

Give it a read, the post is called Personal Freedom. I’m betting that my personal story might stir some things up for you that you can use in your own life.