UFO Sighting May 29, 2022

Night Light At around 9PM on May 29th, 2022 I was sitting on my deck drinking a beer. I noticed a bright star in the Northwest. At first, it seemed still but something about it seemed off so I started watching it more closely. Eventually, I realized it was moving very slowly. I could not see any lights that would normally be on an airplane and the light made no noise. It slowly passed overhead into the South. During the transit I heard no sound from the light, but there were two other airplanes that passed by and I could hear them. As the light was about to disappear into the tree-line it suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a brief red hue. It sort of looked like a cigarette getting put out.


This is similar to what I have seen in the past. Basically, lights that appear to be unusual compared to the usual air traffic we get. So it's out of the ordinary but it's not necessarily unexplainable nor does it show any characteristics that would indicate it was something exotic.

The most surprising part was the very end when the light unexpectedly blinked out leaving that red afterimage behind. It was almost like a very slow moving meteor. It was obviously not that.

My best guess is that the light was an escaped ballon drifting just high enough to catch the sun. The final striking disappearance could be the ballon popping. The wind was coming out of the North at around 4 MPH which I looked up from Time And Date. This supports my balloon theory.

Wind Direction

So that was a fun adventure and sleuthing. It's interesting how much is going on above our heads that we are not paying any attention to. I'll continue this exercise to try and get more familiar with the arial events to become a better UFO investigator.