UAP Profiles - Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo Luis Elizondo is a government insider with first hand knowledge of DOD investigations into the UAP phenomenon. He became a prominant voice in the UAP community after distributing the famous US Navy UAP videos and appearing in The History Channel series Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation.


  • Distributed three declassified videos to the press that were made by pilots from the United States Navy aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt which became known as the Pentagon UFO videos (Wikipedia, 2022)


  • Elizondo claims to have served as the director of the AATIP program, but the details of this are in dispute by a spokesman from The Pentagon. Elizondo has filed an IG complaint and it came out in April 2022 that Elizondo and a rival in the DOD and was in conflict with this person. Harry Reid confirmed in a letter to NBC that Elizondo was involved and had a leadership role in AATIP.


  • Elizondo has been touted as the "director of AATIP" over and over in podcasts and History channel shows, however the AATIP program was never an official DOD program. AATIP was a nickname for the AAWSAP program which did exist and we have official records showing that Elizondo was a involved as an intelligence official in this program. Some people are suspicous that since AAWSAP was a more broad ranging program that included other paranormal investigations (in particular Skinwalker Ranch) that Luis wanted to distance himself from this more broad topic.
  • Elizondo got involved in some kind of Twitter war with #ufotwitter that involved fake Twitter accounts and accusations from Elizondo about critics who he claimed were felons.


I believe that Elizondo is indeed a DOD insider involved in research on the phenonenom while at the Pentagon. He surely knows more than what he is willing to publically disclose. However, I also believe that Harry Reid's AAWSAP was itself an outlier in the government so these facts do not really support any idea of a long running establishment conspiracy to hide the truth of the phenonenom from the public.