My First Blog Post

This is my first post here using this new static site generator on Glitch.

So, as a bit of background: I used to run my blog on WordPress which was hosted on a shared hosting service. It's great but at the end of the day it was overkill for what boils down to a blog and portfolio destination for my code projects.

Now I'm the processing on moving my site to a cheaper and honestly better platform. I'm mainly looking here at Glitch with this Eleventy static site generator because it is simple and also includes the node.js environment which I am working on learning.

Future Plans

As of today, I'm literally just using the template that came right out of the box. It's pleasent but very sparse.

While I don't want to spend all year on this I do what to add some visual enhancements. The first two big ones are that I want image support (which I know there is a plugin for) and I want to have the code formatting I used to (which also has a plug-in I think).

I would also like the posts pages to have slightly more structure. So, an image and potentially a bio (I'm not sure if I need this).

Finally, I want to tweek the overall design and color scheme. I mean I just can't stick with the first default choices forever right?


So I'm back here at First Blog Post so I can do a little experimenting with some new features I'm adding. So I just crossed off adding a comment section and analytics and now I'm looking to get better image support. Let's do it:


Well, seemed to work well enough. I'll go and get some css coded up to make this easier in the process.