Are We Really Taking UFOs Seriously Now?

Classic UFO I've never really believed in UFOs. I've been interested in them. Loved movies about them. I even know people who've had "experiences". The X-Files was one of my favorite TV shows. Over the years though, I've thought about UFOs occasionally. Why do so many people report experiencing this phenomenon? Could they all be lying or mistaking Venus for the Death Star? It's hard to believe that's all there is to it.

So I would ask the question: what is going on with UFOs? Ignoring the reality that so many people report these experiences would not work for me, even though I felt skeptical. But, the idea that there were little green or gray "aliens" visiting us in some kind of literal saucer or orb seemed too absurd to be true. Yet, my gut pushed me closer to the idea that there is something real in the UFO phenomenon.

Is It All In Our Head?

Eventually, I landed on the psychological explaination. After studying psychology and working as a counselor and a data scientist it was natural for me to attribute UFOs to our internal experience. But, I didn't see this as a dismissal, rather a unique expression of our inner worlds.

In school, I was a total Carl Jung fanboy as a student and his work really influenced me. A central part of Carl Jung's psychological theory was this idea of the Collective Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious was in part a way to explain the fact that so many people in the world developed similar myths about the world even though they were spread apart with no obvious way to communicate with each other. 8000 years ago we did not live in a globalized world and yet most cultures had mythical ideas that seemed very similar.

It's like we are programmed to have these experiences like seeing angels, getting inspired, and creating great stories. They may not be real like physics is real but they can be real enough to act as catalysts to new religions, cultures, and nations. Some people have claimed that these phenomenon from the Collective Unconscious are an emergent experience that's programmed from our DNA.

Stories about aliens always seemed to be to fall into this category, somewhere between a visinary experience and a psychotic break. These experiences seemed to have value and the experiencers, as they are called, live otherwise normal lives.

But, this explanation doesn't really hold up when you really think about it and the recent disclosures from the US Navy really drive this point home.

UFOs Are Really Real After All? Like Physics Real?

Tic Tac UAP Over the past five years, we have seen so many credible reports from the military of UFO, sorry UAP, sightings. As credible as these guys are and as dramatic as the various TicTok and GoFast videos look the real story here is that these stories are collaborated by evidence collected by systems seperate from the location of the eye witnesses. On top of that, the Pentagon admits to at least 140 similar sightings that they cannot explain. These are not the only sightings like this and over the years we have seen sightings that are not observed by just one person. Often sightenings are collaborated by others and even physical equipment such as radar.

Now, you probably know about the recent stories of the Navy fighters going back to the early 2000s. If not, just do a quick Goggle search for navy pilots uap and you will find out more than you wanted to know. These witnesses have appeared on 60 minutes, Fox News, and have done the podcast circuit.

These sightings are not neccessarily proof of an alien civilization visiting Earth, but along with the hundreds of other stories out there it certainly calls into question my hypothesis that UFOs are real but only in your head. Whatever is happening, it's not just a psychological phenomenon.

Not that there are no caveats to this new viewpoint of mine. There are alternative possibilities that would explain these Navy sightings. The most ergregious is the fact that you cannot 100% trust what the government states as fact especially when it comes to military matters. There is always the possibility that the story of the Navy pilot experiences are part of some kind of operation to cover up other secret activity. Although, considering the scope of the effort that would take it does not seem to be a realistic possibility. But, a deeper dive on that will have to wait.

What Should We Do About The Phenomenon?

So what does this all mean? For me, this information opens back up a case that I felt that I had solved for myself years ago in my own dismissive way. While I still cannot really adopt the hypthosis that the phenomenon is caused by intersteller aliens, I now accept that there is a physicality to the phenomenon. And I also believe that there is an intelligence present and that it is of an unknown origin.

Could it be aliens though? Maybe, but I think the story may be way weirder than that. One thing I do know for sure is that the phenomenon has my attention and for me this story is just beginning.